Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I forgot I have this blog!

I Google my full name today I found that I have this blog, which I have totally forgotten.

The last post I have was in year 2011 and it is more than 3 years and within last three years a lot of changes and I have moved to another blog www.askchong.com and  www.MSolutionsAdvisory.com and subsequently www.Facebook.com/CnpsAdvisory and www.Facebook.com/MSolutionsAdvisory.

Left my last full time employment in year 2012 and now on my own running comprehensive financial services mainly for corporate clients, which including

  1. Accounting and Business Advisory
  2. GST Advisory and Training
  3. Corporate Insurance Program
  4. Employee Benefits Program
  5. Corporate Cash Management
  6. Business Succession and Estate Planning for directors
Now working together with Excellentte Consultancy, the Financial Adviser licensed by Bank Negara, which has given me a great deal of expanding my scope of services (for my clients) as well as earning capacity.