Saturday, November 27, 2010

Port to Digi for iPhone

Went to Digi Centre at SS2 Petaling Jaya this afternoon to port from Maxis to Digi for the iPhone.

Digi's iPhone plan more worthwhile (for me) as I had "kena" twice by Maxis for usage over the internet quota, which can be very "shocking" because Maxis charge RM0.10 per 10KB of data usage!!!

Back to Digi Centre, some people have waited for 4 hours + just to collect the iPhone after the port-in successful. I am lucky because someone give me another queue number that potentially shorten my total waiting time from 3 hours or more to 2 hours.

Very disappointed with Digi's way to handle the overwhelming demand... not efficient at all. Too bad, have to go back there again to collect Digi

1 comment:

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